The Alonso S. Perales Correspondence digital project uses Kepler Maps to visualize the extent of Perales’ network. To do so, we selected a sampling of 77 envelopes, scanned them, and created metadata for them. The scanned images make up part of the Alonso S. Perales Collection on Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Digital Archives, (, an Omeka site.

We created a CSV with metadata from each envelope that included the following columns: identifier, link (to the image on Omeka), title, sender name (if available), recipient name (Alonso S. Perales), year, description, sentLocation, receivedLocation, senderLat, senderLat, senderLng, receiverLat, receiverLng. In cases of unknown senders, we used brackets: [Unknown].

Once the CSV was ready, we dropped the CSV into Kepler to add the data to the map. If you want to experiment, you can load sample data directly from the Kepler site. Under layers, we made visible the sender and receiver as points, then added an arc to display the sender to receiver connection. After adjusting the colors in the map, we saved and exported the map, using Dropbox as storage. Kepler generated a permalink to the map from Dropbox, which we then embedded into the html website using a responsive iframe.